Thank You For Your Interest In Donating Supplies to LBC!

If this is your first time donating, please read down through our list of items we are currently taking in. Also, please take your time and read through the Information about our supplies below before proceeding with your donation.

Quality is our Priority 

With everything quality is our top priority. So when it comes to clothing, food, furniture, appliances, transportation, etc, please make sure that it’s something that truly has potential. We don’t believe that just because someone is in a desperate need for supplies they should be happy with just anything. Granted they would be happy with whatever they received we’re sure, we still only want to only give out items that we ourselves would be proud to have even without a need. Some items may need cleaning which is fine, but over our time of doing this, we have had items donated that even cleaning them couldn’t save them.

Where Do My Donations Go?

From the moment we get your donation we carefully evaluate the items donated. After that we proceed with any cleaning, or steaming necessary depending on the item(s) given. And then finally, they are hauled to the appropriate Supply Hub. Donations given to us are only used to help those in the LBC communities or cities we are planted, to help LBC to grow and expand it’s evangelistic reach, and to aid the Body of Christ as a whole when possible. This includes but is not limited to delivering supplies and/or providing our ministers/volunteers with supplies. We handle all donations with care, and unless specified otherwise donations are to be used and distributed for official Church use in it’s various capacities only.

How Do I Donate?

To donate anything from land, to vehicles, lawn mowers, cloths, food, etc, simply read down below to get some ideas. Then once you are finished scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form below. After that, one of our Supply Directors will be contacting you for a place to meet. As of currently we are working diligently to have have donation boxes placed around the communities and cities we are located to enable a you to be able to just drop off your clothing and other products.

What’s In It For Me?

Truthfully nothing physically. When you donate anything from land, to vehicles, lawn mowers, cloths, food, etc, it is something that is between you and God. Know that because of you, someones kids may have a bed to sleep on, a young family may be able to mow their lawn for the first time for their kids to be able to play outside, or a struggling mother of three who has remained faithful to God in the mist of all of her problems will finally catch a break when she doesn’t have to wonder how she is going to get to work anymore. Every donation is and will be attached to a story, and we hope that the stories of what your donation has done in someones life means more than gold or silver.

Why Should I Donate to LBC Instead of Goodwill or Other Similar Ministries?

LBC and those who choose to grow here, follow Jesus here, and grow in their relationship with God here, are all followers with Feet on Fire. We are truly on mission to everyday seizing every opportunity that presents itself. LBC as a whole ends up reaching people from all across the communities that we are in and communities where we are yet to be planted to serve. This means we personally know the people and have a relationship with them. It always us to make sure that your donation goes to someone who truly needs it, and not someone who uses ministries for what they can get, or leaving it to a chance buy at a local thrift store. Each donation will truly mean something to someone who would have never been able to afford these supplies in a store, much less pick them up, or find them when they needed them.

So What’s Next?

Now that you have seen all the important information you can proceed down below. As you read the list understand that it is a running list and is not a comprehensive list. We have put things down that we have seen a need for as we have traveled, and other things that we know will be future needs, however, if you have items or supplies that you don’t see on our list, just put it in your form as well as the expected quality and potential of the item. The Donation Proposal Form is listed underneath all the Supply Request. Thank you for taking the time to read through all of the information listed here, we look forward to meeting you and advancing the Kingdom of God.


Running List of Supplies


  • Canned Foods
Living Room
Home Repair
Baby (High Urgency)