Fill out the form below for Pastor Will to answer your questions about God, Faith, and/or life walking with Jesus. The Questions can come from you personally, your kids, something that came up in a conversation with your friends, or something that you have wrestled with for a long time.

A lot of time it’s the questions that we wrestle with that keep us from a close relationship with God, (Our Heavenly Father and Creator) or that keep us from Following Jesus. The confusion only intensifies when we allow it to sit in our heads. A lot of us have been given answers from previous spiritual leaders that didn’t answer our questions or make any sense, and this has caused us to fall away. However, God has given us answers for just about ever question we could ever have in his word. This is a good time for you to get the answers to your questions, or that of others (kids, etc) in a practical easy to comprehend fashion.

"The truly humble, however, do not stop at asking questions; they also expect that God has answers and “rewards those who seek him”

If questions are what are keeping you separated from your Father and from Jesus, then now is the time to try, or try again to have your curiosity satisfied, so you can experience the freedom, the forgiveness, and the promises that God (Our creator and Father) has for you.

If you have a specific topic that you need more clarity or understanding of, you may list that below as well.

Thank you for Trusting Legacy Builders Church, and Pastor Will with your deepest questions.