Meet the LBC Lead Pastor

Pastor Will Alston


Pastor Will Alston is a native to Winston Salem, has lived in places such as Floyd County, Vinton, Roanoke, and more and now resides in Bedford County where He Pastors His Church, Legacy Builders Church. He is married to His wife Bobby Jo and Has 3 Children.


Hey there future Legacy Builder!

If you are coming here to get to know me better before you trust me to help you on your walk with Jesus, or to help you grow in your relationship with God, or maybe even to partner with me, there are somethings I want you to know about me and that I want to be honest about right off the gate.

As you can tell, Legacy Builders Church is nothing like a “conventional church.” Nothing about this is similar to anything else you’ve seen before.

And that’s because I am not a “conventional” person either.

Listen, I want you to know off the gate that I am not a perfect person. I didn’t ask and dream or desire the position I am in, but God did something in my life 10 years ago that saved me from the same repetitive cycle my family was and is trapped in.

I never wanted this, but I was caught in a web of satan’s deception to the point where if God hadn’t been able to get through to me, I would be just another statistic to this day.

When God called me to the place that I am in today, I was reluctant at first. But He pressed it heavy on my heart that there are others just like me out there who deserve to know the truth. The truth about this world, and the truth about Him.

Just as satan works through people, so does God. And while I am not perfect, while I still make mistakes, and I’m still growing as a husband, father, and as God’s Child, I decided to respond to His call and make myself available to be a light and a door for others to come to and go through to come to know God, Jesus, and the truth about this world.

I’ve had my own struggles with drug addictions, not understanding my identity as a man, as a black man, or as a child of God. I wrestled with constant thoughts of wanting to end my life, but having to stay strong because the things that satan was doing to my family were so much worse that I had to hang on to give them hope. I know the struggle of having no one to depend on, having no one encouraging you during the hardest times of your life, having no support forced to do it all alone, yet being the one everyone leans on. I know the struggle of starting from the complete BOTTOM with no one to help, no money, no true friends, no network, no idea how to communicate effectively and no idea how to do this thing called life. I know what it’s like to grow up with no father, a father who you could count on your hands how many times you have seen him, and having a mother who had to work to support anywhere between 3 to 5 kids at a time leaving us with a completely broken home, void of any of the substance needed to create a healthy environment for a child to grow up in. I’ve dealt with the loneliness of having to do things all by yourself, to struggle alone, to never feel good enough or smart enough, to have to fake a smile every day you go to work, to have to fake being happy while your in the deepest pain of your life, the pain of just wanting things to work out in life yet things just only seem to get worse, the pain of having to be there for others when you feel like you are falling apart inside, and the struggle of being misunderstood. I’ve had to deal with tolerated racism and stand strong in the face of those who thought it was funny to do and say what they please to someone who is different from them. I’ve grown up in a home of alcohol abuse and lived through the mental beatdown that comes along with it and came out stronger. I’ve seen satans handiwork wipe through generations of my family doing far worse things than what he was able to put me through. I know his tricks, I know his tactics, I know how he keeps the cycles and systems fueled to create more pain, more trauma, more destruction and I’ve seen just what he can do when God is taken out of the picture and Jesus is blocked from our lives.

I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be a Pastor. God called me to be here. He brought me through the fire for just a time as this. And I said yes.

I may not have 67 years of theology school under my belt, a masters in the metaphysics, or a PHD in biblical history. I may not know where every single scripture is located off the top of my head or be able to recite the Bible forward and backwards at the snap of a finger. But I do know this…I’ve walked with Jesus long enough to know that what He did for me, He can do for you…


If you trust me to help you walk with Jesus, to help you foster a thriving relationship with your Heavenly Father, to help you fight back against satan and his kingdom, to help you raise your children to be blessed warriors, then I want you to understand this about me.

I want to leave something behind that change your life. But not only change your life, but your kids lives. And THEIR kids lives.

I want to make sure that all I do helps you to truly understand how much God Loves you, He’s always been there. I know sometimes you question if He’s even real because if He was why did you have to go through the things that you’ve been through? Why didn’t He stop them? But trust me when I say it’s a more complicated answer than you are ready for right now. But in time as you draw close to Him, you will have all the answers you’re looking for.

That’s why I want to help you foster that relationship with God, the Creator of everything we know, your Heavenly Father. I want to help you learn to walk with Jesus. To help you with your most troubling questions. To come along side you in your life.

And to build a beautiful church that feels the same way, that desires to come along side you where ever you are in your life. To help you find a new tribe and a new family. To help you get your life back and discover God’s good plan for your life. I want to make this easy as it possibly can for you.

I speak layman. I’m not here to be like everyone else. I’m here to stand out so you can see me. So you can see the love of God in me and follow me as I follow Christ. Because one day…it will be your turn. And your free will decision to follow me will forever change your life, and every child you have, and every child they have.


If it’s one thing I want you to take away from what you are learning about me. It’s that I’m here for YOU. I’m here for your CHILDREN. I’m here for to FIGHT for you. To fight BESIDE you. To take you to the next level so you can experience all the good God has planned for your life. So you can walk in your purpose and calling stronger and more confident than ever.

You’re not alone anymore.

This isn’t your typical church. It’s a family. It’s THE family of God. And I want to welcome you home if you are ready to crush the devils throat for what he’s done to you, to your family, to your kids, and to your friends. It’s time for change.

What do you say…are you with me?

Will You Join Me on this Journey with Jesus out of free will? Will you trust in Him with your life so we can begin walking together?

If yes, then I’m happy to say this to you…

Welcome Home Legacy Builder.


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