Please take note that this is not Marital Counseling. This is Marital Pastoral Guidance.

This is to help you get moving together in the right direction. The major difference here between Counseling and what you will receive here with Pastoral Guidance is that you are reaching out to get clarity and direction with God’s wisdom involved.

There is nothing wrong with needing some help getting back on track, just like there is nothing wrong with asking for directions when you are lost.

Getting Pastoral Guidance with Pastor Will means you are getting guidance from someone who truly cares for you and your marriage, and since it is free, you know that this isn’t something He is doing because it’s how He makes a living. It’s truly to help you fix what may have been broken due to various circumstances.

Unlike many other avenues you could take, you will not be judged here for being where you are and needing help.

Everyone falls down. What matters is who you are when you get back up.


You may not realize it, but if you are in a position where you are having serious problems in your marriage and you have children, your problems are only just beginning.

This is why the first place that satan will attack is the family unit starting at the top with his temptations. Ever day that you allow you kids to live in and witness a dysfunctional marriage is actually writing the path they will have to walk in life.

What they will except, what they won’t except (like a loving partner for example), temptations they will fall for, events that will happen to them to test them, struggles with identity, struggles with self-esteem, troubles with alcohol and drug abuse, the year and years they will become sexual active, their outlook of themselves and marriage, how they will treat their spouse (no matter what you try to teach them), they jobs they will work, the education level they will reach, the hobbies and interest they will have, there ability to self reflect on their own wrongs, their ability to love and experience love and so much more that I can’t even list it here.

You see all of this is determined by what they see, hear, and experience as they are living under your family unit. Divorcing doesn’t solve it either. Everything they intake from watching the heads of the family unit after they are born will determine literally their whole lives direction, no matter what you try to teach them.

This is because most learning is done on a subconscious level, and it’s almost impossible to stop what it picks up with just your words.

Your children need to see a a healthy functioning marriage for proper development.

So as your Pastor, as your Friend, as your Closest Family, I tell you this with all sincerity. If you don’t care about the damage you are actually doing to LITERALLY the next generations of your bloodline, because this WILL ripple another 2 generations until someone decides they are going to change it, then DON’T reach out for guidance.


I Don’t feel a need to convince you of why you should reach out to me to get guidance, because clearly I wouldn’t be here able to do the things that I am doing now if I wasn’t sent to here to help you.

Now the ball is in your court. You have to use your free will to choose to get the guidance God has prepared for you through me. You want out of the maze? You are going to need a guide.

If I didn’t have a beyond average understanding of God, satan, and this life, there’s no way you would even be on this page.

So what are you waiting for…It’s time to get free. It’s time to get your marriage back on track. It’s time change the direction of your childrens future, and walk into all the good things God has planned for your life.


After you register you will receive an email from Pastor Will and will determine a time to meet for an hour. This heavily depends on your schedule and His schedule.


Each session is custom to each individual. It will be much like 2 long time friends catching up and talking, yet you will have someone guiding that has extensive knowledge of God, the spiritual realm and how it pertains to our lives, satan, and this life.

We go deep into topics specifically for you and flow together so you get what you personally need from our time together.