Please take note that this is not Marital Counseling. This is Marital Pastoral Guidance.

This is to help you get started moving together in the right direction. The major difference here between Counseling and what you will receive here with Pastoral Guidance is that you are reaching out to get clarity and direction with God’s wisdom involved BEFORE you start your marriage.

There is nothing wrong with getting guidance before you get married, just like there is nothing wrong with putting your next vacations directions in a GPS.

Getting Pastoral Guidance with Pastor Will means you are getting guidance from someone who truly cares for you and the success of your marriage, and since it is free, you know that this isn’t something He is doing because he has to to make a living. It’s truly to help you get your marriage off on the right track.

Unlike many other avenues you could take, you will not be judged here for what you don’t understand about marriage.

After all it’s completely new to you!


You may not realize it, but if you are in a position before marriage that can make or break you as a person as well as your spouse.

The first place that satan will attack is the family unit starting at the top with his temptations. If you are unaware and unprepared for what’s going to be sent your way to break down your family unit it has the potential to pollute the next generations of your bloodline.

Going into marriage is dangerous if you don’t know what to expect, and if you don’t know the true purpose of the marriage.

I’ve only been married 4 years, however, I will say from the position that I rest at, regardless of how long I’ve been married, everyone is going to get hit with the same test. You are going to need advice, direction and guidance that goes beyond the typical “out serve each other” or “never stop doing the things you did when you first met your spouse.”

These are very relevant. However, what is going to determine if you make it is your understanding of the spiritual realm, how the world around you operates, how the body that your spirit lives in operates, you predispositions to certain test, your understanding of the original design of marriage and the roles of each individual and so much more.


This isn’t your typical guidance. I wasn’t sent here to give you what everyone else is saying.

Without understanding what is truly needed for marriage, you will never be able to see how much advice floating around out there is actually drops of cyanide in the water. And for many of us the only example other than that “cyanide water” is our parents…

But what if they weren’t a healthy example either?

Will we make excuses for it and mimic their same toxic behaviors and patterns while trying to guess at what we should change based on our own feelings of what’s right and what wrong?

Living by spouse needs to accept me as I am, and if they can’t they aren’t man/woman enough for a person like me…

Avoiding accountability of growth during our sometimes 80+ years of life here on earth…

The ball is in your court. You have to use your free will to choose to get the guidance God has prepared for you through me. You want to be prepared for this union and to get through it with ease? You are going to need a guide.

If I didn’t have a beyond average understanding of God, satan, and this life, there’s no way you would even be on this page.

So what are you waiting for…It’s time to know the truth about what to expect. It’s time to get your marriage kicked off on the right track. It’s time change the direction of your future children’s lives, and walk into all the good things God has planned for your life.


After you register you will receive an email from Pastor Will and will determine a time to meet for an hour. This heavily depends on your schedule and His schedule.


Each session is custom to each individual. It will be much like 2 long time friends catching up and talking, yet you will have someone guiding that has extensive knowledge of God, the spiritual realm and how it pertains to our lives, satan, and this life.

We go deep into topics specifically for you and flow together so you get what you personally need from our time together.