Thank You For Your Generosity!


Mark 12:41-44


Thank you in advance for your help, We couldn’t achieve what God has called us to without you


Where Do My Tithes and Donations Go?

All funds go toward these main area’s:

  1. Helping and serving the Body of Christ here at LBC
  2. Being an aid to the Body of Christ in moments of need
  3. Establishing Supply Hubs across the communities and cities we are located in allowing us to house the supplies we are given in an organized fashion for the various community and city needs we have been taking care of
  4. Evangelistic Outreach as we are a Church on the Move
  5. Establishing home locations in Communities and Cities we are called to that meet that meet our specifications for a building. We are called to do a lot, so our last focus is purchasing a building, because we know when we do it will be a large expense. As time goes on we will let you know what our buildings function will be, but it is not typical of what you see of Church buildings now. So we are choosing to focus more of Gospel Centered aspects, such as making sure the Word of God is clearly taught and understood, building the family of God, and taking care of our families, youth and communities in a fashion that matching what we have been given through the Word of God.
  6. Lastly, Funds will of course go toward upgrades to Church functions and equipment.

All of these are listed in the order of importance. Ranging from greatest to least, however all are important. What we want you to notice is that Zero of your dollars go toward salaries, which will enable us to truly focus on serving the Body of Christ. The funds we take in yearly you can be sure you will see some kind of KINGDOM impact with. We are proud of this because for far to long we have either had to wonder if our money is being used for the right things, or watch as more and more nice buildings are put up. Yet, the Body of Christ we often give to show little signs of making an impact for the Kingdom of God, and little impact uprooting any locations that satan has marked.

We are not saying any of this to be rude, but just to give you confidence in your decision to tithe here, and clarity of what we have our sights set on. When you give to God we believe that you deserve to know these things. We aim to keep you just as involved in the direction God is taking us so you know that your giving is truly making a difference. With us developing other ways to free our staff, we don’t have to spend the seed you sow on 10-20 full-time/part-time salaries, which if you do the math adds up! Instead, you can be sure that the seed you sow into LBC grounds, WILL produce fruit. And we couldn’t do it with out you. This is how the Body of Christ operates, all of us together. So we thank you in advance for your abundant generosity that allows us to do what God has called us to.


Who Get’s Access to LBC Supplies?

Our serving is based on the guidelines of what Jesus has laid out for us, and the Word of God as a whole. So you can trust everything given to this Body of Christ, such as land, vehicles, clothing, beds, furniture and more, will be used responsibility in a way that you will feel honored and proud to have been apart of what God is doing here. Following the biblical guidelines enables us to serve those who are truly in need, and to help those who are truly trying to get their lives together for God. We are here to give those who are humble enough to admit they need help a hand up not a hand out. However, without utilizing the biblical guidelines that have been left for us, it’s easy to be manipulated and our supplies diminished to the wrong people.

Having biblically based guidelines enables us avoid serving those who only go from place to place and ministry to ministry taking what they can get with no real need or no real desire to change anything about there life or their lifestyle. By not allowing those who generally manipulate government systems and the good hearts of ministries around our communities and cities, we will be equip to take care of New Followers of Jesus who are looking to get their lives together (this could be your son or daughter), Widows, Orphans, Homeless, Single mothers or fathers, young families that have multiple children, and other Beautiful souls that God has lead to us to be shepherded in this life. This also includes being a backbone to the Body of Christ when we are needed as well.


Summing It All Up

Your giving to this arena of the Body of Christ WILL make a difference, and you WILL see it impacting lives for the Kingdom of God.

Just know that we could do nothing without you and your generosity and obedience to our Heavenly Father. 

Let us continue to Grow and Expand God’s Kingdom, and boldly proclaim the Message of Jesus as we build up the next generation.

If you have any other Physical Donations you would like to make in combination with your financial giving or you aren’t able to give financially right now but have other items you would like to give you can click above to see an example list of what supplies we are taking in.

Thank you again for choosing to tithe with Legacy Builders Church

William C. Alston
Legacy Builders Church