Registration Avaliable August 1st-31st


Bibles Studies here at Legacy Builders Church are a little bit different than what you have experienced in the past, or what you may expect a bible study to be like. Some Bible Studies build off of each other, while some are stand alone studies and each Live Study is Interactive and Engaging.

Attending an LBC Live Bible Study is much like coming to a miniature weekly conference. Meaning food is provided, other activities take place, and it’s only available to those who register to attend live both in person or online, and then becoming available to the public at a much later date.

Those who attend LIVE in person and online when Bible Studies are launched receive exclusive credits (see ‘Credits for Completion’ below) for completion of the entire Bible Study, which can be find below in the Bible Study Details section.

Before registering to attend a LBC Bible Study, be sure to look at the Pre-Requisites to each Bible Study, as some build off of the foundations set by others. This is found in the Bible Study Details section and to register you will be required to show you’re Collectible Pendant to attend.


Truly a Bible Study you will never forget. During this Four Week Bible Study you will be transformed by the Word of God and unconventional yet practical teachings.

Expect to hearing biblical teachings that are deep yet easily digestible, leaving you each week with clear application points that WILL take you to the next level of your walk with Jesus and your understanding God and this Life. You will not leave this Bible Study confused with how to apply it’s content to your life.

During this Bible Study, you will discover what it takes to be a WARRIOR in today’s world. You will have a clear understanding of spiritual warfare, who you are, what you are truly capable of, your purpose and how the world has been functioning around you all the years of your life without you realizing it.


Way of the Warrior was written with youth, young adult, adult and senior audiences in mind. With powerful deep biblical wisdoms that will challenge the thinking of all age ranges.


You will want to attend This Bible Study because understanding the content taught will help you to raise your children in this world, and protect them from the battles that they face now, and they will face when they leave your home.

This bible study will change the way you view life and understand it’s workings. You will NOT leave the same person after this bible study.

You will know how to easily predict the challenges that you and the children, yours or others, around you will face and be able to DO something about it.

This Bible Study will equip you with wisdom to help your children in their daily lives, and their school/social lives, as well as prepare you for what will come your way like clockwork.

This study will help you to stay strong and have clear understanding of this life so you don’t fall while protecting and growing the children that have been gifted to you.

If you are looking to understand God, Jesus, and this Life, then this Bible Study is for you.

To be able to maneuver in this world, there are key things each Warrior must know if he/she doesn’t want to become a casualty of war.

Consider this the Basic Training you never knew you needed, as you enter into the Kingdom of God and grow in it’s understanding.

Whether you realize it yet or not, you were born into the middle of a war.

Only the strongest will survive.

It’s time for YOU to learn the WAY OF THE WARRIOR.


If it’s one thing that we understand it’s that COMMITMENT is HARD.

By Registering, you are agreeing to hold yourself accountable for showing up to WAY OF THE WARRIOR Bible Study.

We you show up all four days in person or via zoom, these ways allow us to track your attendance, you will receive your course completion award.

Not only will you receive your course completion award, buy you will also receive one time exclusive bonuses that ONLY come from signing up for the LIVE Bible Study Launch.

This is our way of rewarding your for making your understanding of God, Jesus this Life and your spiritual growth a PRIORITY.

We see you out there Legacy Builders.


Bible Study Length

4 Week Bible Study

Thursday Evenings – 6:30p-8p


Week 1: September 1st, 2022

Week 2: September 8th, 2022

Week 3: September 15, 2022

Week 4: September 22, 2022 (Final Week)


Bedford, Va – Venue Disclosed Soon.

Online Via Zoom


None Required.

Materials Needed

Red Binder (Provided)

Bible (Available for those in need)

Pen/Pencil (Provided)

Paper (Provided)

Food (Provided)

Credits For Completion (4-Weeks Total)

Way of the Warrior Collectible Pendant

Exclusive WotW T-Shirt

Exclusive WotW Key-Chain

500 Legacy Points