Are you ready to begin a new life? FREEDOM starts with this simple step of obedience. Your LEGACY Starts with this simple step of obedience.

Baptism is the step that Jesus says to take if you are ready to come to Him, and allow Him to be Lord over your life. This is a choice that is made out of free will, and a consciousness that is fully aware of the decision you are making, and why you are making it.

If you are ready to take this step then we are ready to take it with you.

Before we meet and talk about your decision, please take your time and read our Blog “Before You Get Baptized, Read This” in our Legacy Library.

Afterwards, come back to this page and fill out the following form and someone from our team will be reaching out to you to see you through such an exciting time of your life and the beginning of the most important journey of your life.

We look forward to being apart of this journey with you as you commit yourself to Jesus and begin Building a Legacy for the future generations.


I was baptized as a baby. Should I get baptized again?

How old do you have to be to get baptized?

Who will baptize me?

We will either meet with you and baptize you, or help you connect to a church that aligns with our values through our LBC United platform.

Will you baptize my infant?

What should I wear to be baptized?

How do I sign up to be baptized?

How do I know if baptism is for me?