Need help seeing God in a situation you are in?

Need Godly wisdom for a situation you are facing?

What are the God questions that you have that you can’t seem to find someone to answer? Have you tried asking these questions to a previous pastor, pastors, or a church leader before and they gave you answers along the lines of “God’s ways are higher than your ways so you will not understand” or may “You just have to have faith” or maybe the famous “Don’t question God.”

I’ve seen and heard a lot in the years I have been doing this. I have also spend an extensive amount of time with our Heavenly Father and I can assure you, He INVITES your questions, and there IS an answer to ever question you have.

Now, will you like that answer every time? Probably not.

Will it always make complete sense to you. Not right away.

Will you agree with everything God does? Not a chance.

It’s no different than us telling our children they need to brush their teeth or shower everyday or go to bed at a certain time and them giving us push back the first couple of years until it begins to make sense.

Nonetheless, will the truth set you free. That is an astounding Yes.


As long as me and you are connected and we are on earth together during these times I will be here to answer your questions.

Do I have ALL the answers? No. I’m still follow Jesus just as you are.

However, If I don’t know something then I will make sure I let you know and I will make sure you get your answer.

So Ask Me Anything.

I want nothing standing in the way of you knowing the one who created you, knowing your purpose here on earth, knowing who you were created to be, knowing the truth about this life.

I want nothing stopping you from having all the good things that God has planned for you.

Plans to give you hope and a future.

Ask anything.


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