Welcome to Legacy Builders Church



~ A Family That’s Not Perfect ~

Legacy Builders Church rose out the desire to create a large global family that had one focus. Building a Legacy. A group of people completely focused on breaking the cycles of their past, cycles that have been carried over from generation to generation, and walking with Jesus so it NEVER has to pass down again. Our Legacy here is different. It is said that in 2 generations what we do will be forgotten. However, that is only when Jesus is not the foundation. With Jesus as the Foundation, every Legacy Builder here, after the chains from the past are broken, will experience living water that will begin to flow to every generation afterwards. But when there is no place to go for you to grow, for you to turn to so that you are built up, no place to go to that is your recovery corner from the rough boxing round with the enemy, no place to go to that you can call home, that you can feel safe, that you can turn to for hope, for encouragement, for a laugh, for a smile…well then you are just puddy in the hands of satan. A victim of circumstance tossed to and fro by the aggressive waves of life. Leaving you feeling like you are cursed and not good enough…
This is the core of why Pastor Will and his wife Bobby Jo, began Legacy Builders Church. There are people who are out in the world that are God’s chosen children. They are different. Yet they feel cursed in their life. Good things happen, but it seems like a whole lot more bad happens. And they can’t seem to understand why. There is a heavy price that is to be paid when you are a child of God’s. Whether they know it or not, satan doesn’t fight fair. WAR is not fair. These are the people who need and deserve to the know the truth about who they are, they deserve to experience God’s love and goodness in their lives. Yet there is no place to go, and no one to turn to. In a world full of hypocritical christians, saying one thing, but then acting and living the complete opposite, casting their demeaning judgments on anyone who doesn’t look like them, where is a person who deserves to know the truth go? Where does a person who deserves to know their worth, to know their Heavenly Father, to know His love them go? Where does a person who deserves to know that God has always been there fighting for them and that there is a war being waged for their very soul go?
The answer is Legacy Builders Church. As you get to know Pastor Will or Bobby Jo, you will see, that they are far from perfect. They were the ones on the other end with no where to go. Rejected from the church because of the path that their life was pushed into because of the snares of satan, yet the one place that was suppose to help, was the last place they could turn to. This is a church for the chosen. The ordinary. The misfit. The homeless man. The addict. The prostitute. The dirty. The down on their luck. The outcast. The forgotten. The confused. The lonely. The “not quiet good enough.” God never forgot about us, and he hasn’t forgotten about you. No matter what your experience was in the past, church is and always will be the place for healing. it’s the place you come to for help, direction, friendship, family, love, hope, and encouragement. A place where you can openly fail forward in your life and walk with Jesus and have people around you to pick you back up and help you along the way. A place you come to so you can here clear from God. A place where you don’t have to worry about being talked about for your flaws and shortcomings.
Nothing is required of you here. While the Legacy Builders Family is able to grow and serve each other on the contributions made financially and the contributions made physically, this is something that happens when a person is ready and is able. The love you receive is free. The teaching is free. The food is free. The help is free. Why? Because that’s how God truly intended it to be. You don’t have to be rich to be here. You don’t have to be rich to fit in here. You don’t have to rich or have money at all to be here. Just be YOU. Let God work in you and walk with Him. You will change and grow over time. God’s Word and Spirit will guide you if you do not fight it. All we ask is that you show up for God’s Word, God’s Guidance, God’s Love, more than you show up for us, and an open heart for Jesus to speak to. The cloths you wear are irrelevant, it’s the heart that matters. You are not going to be talked about for the cloths you wear here, or the struggles you have in your life here. You won’t feel uncomfortable because the path you are currently on in your life, the decisions you have made or what you have done in your past here. We are all Legacy Builders Here. And NONE of us, including the Pastor and his wife, have come from a straight and perfect background.
Finally to answer your question, where can you find us? We are currently located in Bedford, Va. We are completely mobile as of 2022 still in search of where a solid location will be that meets all of our current needs. We are non-denominational and multicultural. You can and will more than likely see us around the Bedford Area with our food Truck Heavenly Street Eats and our amazing team doing various things within the community. You can always request where you would like for us to show up and have church within your community by filling out our Church Request Form located under the “Legacy Connect” tab of our website.
We would LOVE and be honored to come and be with your community for the day. We love to partner with like minded ordinary individuals or ministries, so just reach out, we’d love to travel to a place near you. Otherwise, we gather for bible study virtually once a week, you can see the schedule under the “Legacy Connect” tab as well. And on the various different platforms their are times we just meet and talk together virtually. Of course the “Legacy Connect” tab will have the schedule there for you to see those days as well. You can get many teachings on our Pastors YouTube, as well as resources from the “Legacy Library.”