Legacy Builders Church is a Multicultural and Multigenerational church for those who desire to grow in their relationship with God. A place for those who desire to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and understanding of the meaning and purpose of their life. Come as you are. God isn’t worried about the color of your skin, the cloths you are wearing, what addictions you may have, or what “sin” you may be living in when you enter into His house. His cares about the condition of your soul. He is a redeemer and a restorer. We all start somewhere.

If you desire family, this is the place for you. We are a supportive family that you can rely on, pray with, play with, praise with, grow with, celebrate with, lean on, build up, and discover your purpose with. A place for those who have children and desire for them to know and understand God. A place for those who know they COULD raise their child alone, but know it’s better to raise a child with a family that gets this life. LBC is not filled with perfect people, but people in all walks of life. We stand for Truth. Love. Freedom. And Community. Welcome Home.