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Legacy Builders Church is a Multicultural and Multigenerational church for those who desire to grow in their relationship with God. A place for those who desire to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and understanding of the meaning and purpose of their life. It’s a place where people who feel like they are not living up to their full potential at the church they are at or where they are in their life in general. This Church is established for those who want to grow their gifts and talents, who desire to get their life straight and grow spiritually.
A place for people who desire to finally have family. A supportive family they can rely on, pray with, play with, praise with, grow with, celebrate with, lean on, build up, and discover their purpose with. A place for those who have children that they desire to know and understand God. A place for those who know they COULD raise their child alone, but know it’s better to raise a child with a family that gets it. LBC is not filled with perfect people, but people in all walks of life.

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Pastor Will Alston

Pastor Will Alston is a native to Winston Salem, North Carolina who has been instructed to Unify the Body the Body of Christ, Mature its Believers and Equip the Saints for their callings during this critical time. While He currently resides in Bedford Virginia, Pastor Will Alston has been called to tear down where satan has built up, and restore God's Kingdom in area's across the U.S. Pastor Will stands strong on God's Word to protect the next generations from the tactics of Satan, and is unafraid of walking opposite of the crowd. (Click “Meet the Pastor” for full bio).

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The message of Legacy Builders Church is that God isn’t Dead, and that God isn’t DONE. God is and WILL BE reaching out to those whose hearts are open to Him

through His faithful servants until the final days of this earth. Therefore we will preach, teach, and train so that others may

experience freedom that only Jesus can bring.

Will Alston

Lead Pastor